Tiller and the Pen

New copy, first edition, 1994. Eighth Moon Press. Edited by John Ellsworth and Illustrated by Barry Rockwell.

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A Collection of Sailors’ Stories

A diverse collection of voices who all share a love of water and everything surrounding it. Adventure, romance, and surprises, as is always the case when you enter the natural environment.

New copies, first edition.

“Satisfying tales told with passion by those who’ve bonded with the sea. These adventures reflect the wondrous tapestry of life–both ashore and afloat. Love the delightful surprise endings. When I got the end, I wanted more.” — Sharon Hamric, columnist for The Wichita Eagle and author of Lie the Devil: The Kansas Tornadoes of April 26, 1991Authors included: Michael Badham, Marian Blue, Ray Bradley, Eton Churchill, Mary Lee Coe, Joan Connor, Richard Morris Dey, Gregory Fitz Gerald, Christine Kling, Mike Lipstock, Tamsen Merrill, Daniel Spurr, John Tucker, Ben Wilensky