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Welcome to Sunbreak Press!  The main focus here is on writing: fiction, essays, blogs, poetry. All writing is an expression of a unique individual and perspective. All of us who write want that writing to be the best expression possible.

In the vast world of writing and publishing today, writers make daily choices. Topic. Genre. Voice. Publishing. Marketing. Style. Plot. Setting. Even the concept of “truth” is debatable.

We all can use a little help in making the choices.

In addition, Sunbreak Press is serving as the platform for Marian Blue’s conservation blog, a favorite topic of hers. In addition, the conservation blog will sometimes offer tips on the genre of nature writing.

Marian Blue retired from teaching at Skagit Valley College in 2016. Nonetheless, with 45 years of writing, editing, publishing and teaching experience, she can’t resist the urge to encourage other writers to express themselves. Writers are bringers of light and forces of rebellion.

Enjoy exploring our page. Keep writing!

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New Book Release!

Poetry by Marian Blue

Photography by Cherie Ude-Crowe

Both soft and hard cover available now from retailers. Published by Sunbreak Press.

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