Sunbreak Press is no longer going to offer books for sale. However, we’ll list those books we publish and those published by others but written by our writers.


New Release!

Reverie Wing & Fin Fur & Scale

Available in hard and soft cover now wherever books are sold. ISBN 978-1735709307 or 978-1732128798

Poetry by Marian Blue & photographs by Cherie Ude-Crowe. 

“Cherie Ude’s eye for composition, light, and subject is awe-inspiring. Ever stellar poet Marian Blue’s wit, wisdom, and well-honed skills build powerful poems, and in particular, their sonic structures are a thing of aural beauty.”– Malaika King Albrecht

“This is a wonderful collection that should woo a plethora of readers!”                   — Lois Edstrom


Sailing off the Hook

Sailing Off the Hook

Cyberwit Publishing

Available in print and ebook

A collection of short stories



Quantum Consequences

Sunbreak Press

Available in print and ebook print

Environmental devastation plagues Alpha Earth in 2029. For an unknown reason, environmental toxins have begun to leak through to Beta Earth, a sanctuary that had been created by  gentem, those genetically divergent from homo sapiens. The gentem must connect with the two children they abandoned on Alpha Earth 29 years earlier in order to save at least one of the two planets.

And at least one of the two species: humans or gentem.

Cover art for Quantum Consequences

Original painting by Dean Gibson







How Many Words for Rain

Sunbreak Press



Southeast Writers’ Handbook

Tanner’s Creek Publishing



Sea of Voices, Isle of Story 

Triple Tree Publishing




Interpretative Guide to Western-Northwest Weather Forecasts

Sunbreak Press

Great review published at Seattle Review of Books Excerpt: “What Weather lacks in charts and graphs, it more than makes up for in verve and personality. Laid out in a dictionary format with entries for words like “Atmospheric River” and “Puddles,” it’s a personal account of the Northwestern climate, as told by a witty narrator.” — Paul Constant 

Maybe I Will do Something

Houghton Mifflin Harcort




Tiller and the Pen

Eighth Moon Press

An anthology of sailing stories; includes a short story by Marian Blue also included in her new collection of short stories, Sailing Off the Hook.


Becoming Coyote

Lynx House Books




Buffalo and Other Stories 

Lynx House Books




Flight: The Dark Order

Available on Amazon Flight (The Dark Order, Book I)