Interpretative Guide to Western-Northwest Weather Forecasts

by Marian Blue

The Interpretative Guide to Western-Northwest Weather Forecasts casts a humorous light on forecasters’ attempts to present weather predictions within the Great Northwest, influenced by the Pacific Ocean, Olympic and Cascade Mountains, Puget Sound waterways. Forecasting terms are listed and defined to give readers ideas about what is really meant by isolated showers vs scattered showers, partly sunny vs. partly cloudy. Explanations for Northwest idiosyncrasies are also explained. What is a sunbreak, rain shadow, convergence zone, and water year? Why did SNOB and KBO want to discourage incomers and how did that enhance the “it always rains in Seattle” claims?

With tongue-in-cheek, author Marian Blue exams the many ways forecasters can predict rain without saying that word in the new culture that welcomes incomers.

Color photographs, paintings, and graphics provide clarity and beauty to explanations. Artists and photographers include (in addition to the author) Racheal J. Brager, Dean Gibson, Lynne Hann, Dan Lewis, Danielle Pennington, and Cherie Ude.

A must for the potential in-comer, the more recent arrivals, and the still weather-befuddled locals of the Great Western Northwest. Also an excellent companion book to How Many Words for Rain, a book of poetry by the author with photographs by Lynne Hann

Seattle Review of Books Excerpt: “What Weather lacks in charts and graphs, it more than makes up for in verve and personality. Laid out in a dictionary format with entries for words like “Atmospheric River” and “Puddles,” it’s a personal account of the Northwestern climate, as told by a witty narrator.” — Paul Constant 

“At last I can make some sense out of those TV forecasters who have so often left me wondering what the heck is the difference between scattered showers and light rain.”                                   –Sheryl Clough: teacher, editor, writer, and founder of Write Wing Publishing

Available at most book stores and online venues; ISBN 978-1-7321287-0-5


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