Quantum Consequences

Quantum Consequences

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How far can a culture be pushed before it retaliates? Can two individuals prevent all humans from being wiped out?

Vala and Eric believe they’re just oddball humans.

Their self-image explodes when a transparent figure intrudes in their lives with news. First, they aren’t quite human.

Second, they’re needed to help avoid the destruction of all life on two Earths about to collide. If they succeed at that, they still have to prevent the genocide of the human species.

Environmental devastation plagues Alpha Earth in 2029. For an unknown reason, environmental toxins have begun to leak through to Beta Earth, a sanctuary that had been created by  gentem, those genetically divergent from homo sapiens. The gentem must connect with the two children they abandoned on Alpha Earth 29 years earlier in order to save at least one of the two planets.

And at least one of the two species: humans or gentem.

Author bio:Marian Blue began working as a journalist in 1972 for San Miguel Basin Forum in western Colorado. After that, she worked as freelance and staff for a variety of newspapers and magazines, both print and online; her work has been collected into anthologies. She began editing work in the 1980s for newspapers, magazines and books. Books she has written and edited include nonfiction and poetry. Along the way, she taught writing and communication classes for Writers Digest Schools and various community schools and colleges, retiring from 20-years teaching at Skagit Valley College in Washington. Today she writes and edits from her small farm on Whidbey Island.***Cover painting: Dean Gibson pursues his art (oil on canvas) in the forest in Western Washington. The rainy climate inspires many of his paintings. His regional scenes with streetlights and reflected water are collected and displayed on both coasts. Gibson’s work ranges from figurative to abstract-often featuring bright, bold colors like those he encountered when he lived in India.